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Discover the Black Art of Brussels here!

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Black art in Brussels

“Black Art in Brussels” is under permanent construction by design, as it keeps close tabs on developments in the black art scene in Brussels.  Brussels is an international city located in the heart of Europe. It also has a colonial history that is still palpable. The decolonization process and the visibilization of Afro bodies and stories are gaining more and more strength. Brussels is also asserting itself as a vibrant creative center. We envision this website devoted to Black Art in Brussels as a platform for the promotion of local artists and curators. 

This site presents the actors of Black Art in Belgium and highlights what drives their work. In doing so, it also explores the notion of Black Art and its significance in a city such as Brussels.

This website was launched in the context of Black Europe in Brussels with the support of the  Brussels Centre for Urban Studies. It is created and maintained by Anne Wetsi Mpoma with the support of Prof. dr. Elisabeth Bekers, Maéva Conderolle and Louise Fremand.